Allies in Heaven, Comrades in Hell - rockinaintnowalkinthepark

Harry/Louis + Liam/Zayn - Chaptered, completed, 265k words

A Catholic school!AU where Louis is finishing sixth form and will definitely be famous someday if Harry has something to say about it, Liam is the racist homophobe that Zayn is dreadfully in love with, and Niall teaches guitar.

"Louis remembers it from a few weeks before - Harry had told him that when he loves someone, he loves with every ounce of his being, and it often hurts to feel it. Louis hadn’t really understood what he’d meant until now."

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Since people seem to be a bit confused.




Nowhere in that does it mean this


so can you all stop being gross now because it’s fucking annoying.

i’m gross because said that i liked flamboyant louis? did i call him…

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Let’s just bring this back


Louis can go from Daddy to twink just by shaving his beard

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The one where Louis and Zayn aren’t buying any of Liam’s bullshit.


NIALL! ! !


ugh. craving, as always, a fratboy!louis au, where he wears bro tanks and has a bottle of beer perpetually in his right hand and wears knock-off raybans and snapbacks that say ‘obey’ or ‘diamond co’ and being the most awesome frat president, who always wins in prank battles and gets the best initiates and always taking care of his brothers. and maybe has sweaty, drunk, dancefloor makeout sessions with said brothers.

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louis + being a lil shit



But I thought Louis hated the paps and that’s why he couldn’t smile in pics anymore??????????????



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youtuber direction: introduction