"Oh, Tatiana,” you look up from the griddle below you, the smell of the pancakes engulfing every one of your senses, as your boyfriend’s mischievous tone filled every inch of the apartment at the sound of the front door opening, “I smell pancakes!”

You let out a deep, belly laugh at your boyfriend’s one track stomach (lets be real, he thinks with his stomach) before slapping a hand over your mouth, trying to wipe away the sound that came from it.

Turning towards the door of the kitchen, you see your recently redyed, blonde-haired, boyfriend walking through it, dropping his backpack on the table. You smile towards him as he makes his way behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and looking down at the pancakes.

You could feel his smile against your neck as he rested his head on your shoulder, “How was your morning interivew with the boys?”

"To be ‘onest wit’ yeh, it was so early in t’e mornin’ t’at I don’t really remember most of et," he laughed, squeezing you closer to him, making you chuckle as you flip the batch of pancakes on the griddle.

"Well, if you want to remember, I have it on DVR," you laugh, snuggling into his embrace once you put down the spatchula.

"Ye didn’t watch et?"

"The interview was at 7:30 in the morning, babe,” you explain, reaching down to open the oven to grab the plate of already made pancakes, “Would you have woken up knowing that you have a perfectly good working DVR?” You place the plate down, slapping Niall’s hand away when he goes to reach for one, “Plus, you try waking up after a 'reunion night' with you. I was tired and sore.”

You feel the smirk grace his lips as he kisses the side of your neck, making your knees faulter for a second.

"Well, as long as I get some of t’ose pancakes, I t’ink I can find it in me to forgive yeh," he joked, eyeing the plate and reaching for them once again, and like just like before you slap his hand away making him yelp out in surprise.

You mock glare towards him. “Mine.”

Niall looks towards you with these eyes that you swear Liam must’ve taught him, “but Tatianna…” he whined, “T’ey didn’t feed me at t’e station.”

You turn towards him to see him pouting, making you laugh, “Nialler, you and I both know that that is not true,” you say placing the last batch on the plate and turning the griddle off, smirking at him.

He continued pouting at you as you take the stack of pancakes over to the couch, grabbing your favorite toppings as you walked, and untensils. You look back over to see Niall still pouting, shoulders slumped as he watches you place the things down on the coffee table, switching on the TV and heading over to your DVR to watch the interview.

Once you get settled you look over to see Niall still slumped, looking at the dirtied dishes along the counter.

He knows when it comes to pancakes you don’t share. It was like him not sharing any kind of food unless he was feeling kind that day, you just don’t share pancakes. He should know, you let him know the first time you went to a pancake house together.

You sigh, making Niall look up towards you still pouting, “Nialler, babe, if you’re hungry you know that there are things in the fridge and cabnit.”

He frowned, nodding, before making his way to open the fridge.

You smile sadly towards him, taking a huge bite of your pancakes as the interview played out. Within minutes of the interview they started joking about breakfest.

"So, it is pretty early, did you guys have time for breakfest?" the interview asked, laughing along with the rest of the band.

"I had hoola-hoops," Harry said, a cheeky smile on his lips.

"I had some toast and eggs," Liam announced, licking his lips. They must’ve been pretty good, you though, making you smile. Liam was adorkable.

"Yeah, me too," Zayn added, patting Liam on the back.

"And what about you Niall? I’m sure your breakfests must be a feast!" The interviewer joked, making the boys laugh. You smirk, wondering what he must have had too, but thinking back you remember it being the same as you had left it the night before. Maybe he cleaned? God, that would be a shock.

Niall smirks before rubbing his stomach, “Actually I haven’t had anything,” there were gasps heard from behind the camera, the boys astounded as well, “I’m waiting to have breakfest with my girlfriend after this. It being the first ‘food date’ since our return last night.”

You listen to the chorus of awes as you watch the boys pat their hands on him. You turn to your boyfriend to see him still looking for something to eat in the cupboard, which is kind of funny since he stocks that thing even when it doesn’t need to be stocked.

You smile, remembering what he had said in the interview, before calling him over.

"Nialler, babe," you call, making him turn around towards you, a frown still on his face from not finding anything to eat. "I don’t think I can eat all these," you frown looking down at the plate before looking back up to him, "You think you can help me?" you smile.

Niall practically jumped for joy as he slammed the cupboards closed and made his way over to you, sitting down at the coffee table next to you, kissing your cheek.

"T’anks babe!" he smiled, grabbing your fork, and stuffing an entire pancake into his mouth, moaning at the taste. What can you say? When it comes to pancakes, you are the master at making them.

"Well, it is our first food date since you got back,” you smirk as he tensed, mid-bite.

He turned his gaze slowly towards you, chewing with the fork still rested on his lips, before smiling towards you.

"You’re adorable, Niall," you finally say as he sticks another pancake in his mouth, smirking, before kissing his cheek and stealing the next bite on your shared fork, laughing at his glare.

"Yer lucky I love yeh," he grummbled, sliding the plate closer to him.

"No, babe, you’re lucky I love you,” you poke his shoulder, hard, making him wince, “Lets not forget whose pancakes really belong too.” 

As you get up, you watch the smile creep onto his lips as he continued watching the interview while shoving more of your pancakes into his mouth.

Yeah, he was lucky you loved him.


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It had been almost a month since you joined your husband, Niall, and the boys on their fifth world tour with your daughter, Kyna (key-na). Niall had begged you to join him so he wouldn’t miss any milestones with his daughter, and with her being 16 months and a little easier to handle now, you thought why not and packed up and got on the first flight to join him.

At first you were nervous, thinking that having all the directioners around would upset your daughter, but within the first day she started showing her father’s carefree attitude and smiled at every person and reached out to anyone who smiled at her. To be honest, you don’t know whether that should worry you or not. Sigh.

When you weren’t with Niall, or he was on stage performing, you were with Danielle watching Kyna and the Payne’s son, James Niall, play together. Even though James was a year and a half older, you both knew from the first time they played together they’d be best friends.

It had been the first time since you arrived that the boys all got a few days off from the tour, and it just so happened to be in Barcelona, Spain. You and Danielle had been following the boys around to interviews, your children usually climbing up onto their daddy’s laps during the interview gaining lots of awes from the audience, but now the boy’s promised they’d follow you girls around and you just so happened to want to go sight seeing.

It was a good idea at the time, but now with all the fans following you weren’t too sure.

Of course, Kyna and Niall were loving it. Their matching smiles beaming in fan photos as he spoke to them in their own tongue; he speaking Spanish was always made your heart clench. You look over to see Liam and James taking cute pictures too, making Danielle laugh, as they make matching funny faces. That Liam was never going to grow up.

After a few minutes of pictures and answering questions, well more like Niall answering and translating questions for Liam, Niall and Liam waved you and Danielle over to continue on.

You didn’t mind them stopping for fans, but you didn’t mind all the fans touching your daughter. You couldn’t help it, Kyna could get sick. That was always going to be a thing with you for now on though, having that mother’s worry.

When you reached a rather large park, Niall and Liam drag you and Danielle over to a little play area for the kids; although, after a while you don’t know who really wanted to play in the play area more, the husbands or the kids.

You play along with them, more like standing and enjoying the adorable show while taking pictures, until the boys grow tired. You all move to a grassy area underneath a tree, giving off enough shade for the six of you.

Niall sat behind you, you sitting in between his legs your head resting back against his shoulder, as he rests his chin on yours. To the left of you Danielle and Liam sat, Liam’s head resting in her lap, as you watch James run circles around Kyna who was currently tearing the grass out of the ground like it was the most fun thing in the world.

When you’re sure Niall has his eye on her, you close your eyes, your adventure today having tired you out. Within minutes you feel like you could fall asleep when Niall jerks behind you.


At the sound of his urgent tone, you snap your eyes open and shoot forward, as Niall jumps up behind you.

You gaze snaps straight to Kyna, afraid that she might be hurt but was only met with her standing up with a smile on her face. You close your eyes and sigh in relief, seeing that she was fine and was just standing.



Your eyes snap back open, to see Niall standing behind her, arms extended in order to catch her. Kyna had never stood up on her own before, at least not while you were watching. You get up on your knees as you watch James start walking backwards in front of her smiling.

“C’mon Key-key,” little James called out, arms extended towards her.

You look up to Niall’s face to see him in absolute horror. You couldn’t help but snap your hand over your mouth to cover your laugh. He was so scared for his daughter right now.

Within in seconds, your laugh disappeared and all the air in your body froze in your lungs as your eyes widened.

Kyna was walking.

You start to feel the tears build up in your eyes as you watch her stumble towards James before tripping into his embrace, which made both you and Niall gasp.

Your world starts to move again when she sits back down in front of James and starts playing in the grass, like her first steps were no big deal.

You looked up from her to Niall to see him beaming a proud smile at you, and you returning one to him.

“She is so adorable!” You hear Danielle say beside you, making you turn towards her smiling, “Was that her first time walking?”

“Yeah, looked like Nialler here was going to have a heart attack,” Liam laughed out.

“O’ shut up,” Niall joked.

You look back to Danielle, seeing her still waiting for your answer, “Yeah, it was the first time we’ve seen it.”

Danielle awed, smiling.

“Well, good thing I got the whole thing on camera then!” Liam said next to her, making your smile beam and thanking him over and over.


After that, Niall couldn’t wait to tell the world. By the next concert everyone knew that little Kyna could walk, and when it came to the Twitter Asks it didn’t surprise you when someone asked to see Mini One Direction.

You and Danielle already knew about this thanks to Paul giving you a heads up, so you dress Kyna in the cutest little green dress with white stockings and shoes to match. You were waiting for the tweet to come, it being the second to last or something, when Danielle spoke out an idea.

“You know what would be adorable?” Danielle asks, not really waiting for an answer, “If James carried Kyna out to Niall.”

You look down to James, all dressed up in his kaki pants and blue plaid shirt with his Toy Story flashing shoes, sizing him up to see if he even could. He was a pretty strong kid, he could probably do it.

“That would be so cute!” You answer with a smile. Danielle nods before kneeling down next to James to tell him the plan, calling him that this was his chance to ‘show his muscles’.

It was then that you heard Niall read out the tweet you were waiting for.

“And here is my favorite tweet of the night: Niall, we heard that Kyna can walk now! Can you show us?

Sure, the tweet had nothing to do with James, but the next one would, Liam made sure of that.

“Oh, gosh, here it comes!” Louis laughed.

“Nialler won’t stop telling us about it!” Harry joined in.

“We’ve even seen the video ten times!” Zayn added in, “And he’s the one who always shows us!”

You blush at that fact, covering your face when Louis and Harry see you, smirking.

During this time Danielle had James pick up Kyna, he barely lifting her off the ground, before making his way towards Niall, his Woody doll still in hand.

The chorus of awes filled the stadium.

“Look at them!” Liam announced to the crowed, “Aren’t they the cutest?”

James stopped, placing Kyna down gently onto her bottom, a few feet from Niall.

“Now, you have all got to see this!” Niall gushed.

Without the microphone, you could see Niall mouthing ‘Come here baby girl’ and ‘Come on’, but she was too busy looking at the crowd, getting that same star struck look that Niall still gets sometimes.

When he finally got her attention she started getting up on her legs and before you knew it she was walking to her daddy, and when she reached him the crowd roared with cheers and awes as Niall hugged her closer to him.

During the ‘Niall and Kyna’ moment, James had run over to Liam his woody doll in hand jumping up on him.

It was just over all adorableness.

After that, the tweets at each concert had had at least one question about Kyna or James, and when Louis and Eleanor finally had their son, it was about him too.

All you could think was, sorry Lux but there is a new baby favorite. Three to be precise.


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You hunch over Niall’s arm, which was currently the only thing holding you up from falling onto the floor, as he attacked you with kisses wherever he could reach making you burst into a fit of giggles.

Your sure that to anyone listening from outside Niall’s apartment, that you now share with him, it probably sounded like a cat being dragged through a garbage disposal, but Niall said he loved your laugh so who cares.

“Niall- Niall!” you yell out, smacking his arms that are still holding you up, laughing, “Stop!

He chuckles before lifting you up to stand, letting you gain your balance before removing his arms completely from around your waist, and placing one final kiss on your cheek, smirking.

You blush, still smiling, as you turn to remove the, now empty, last box you had to unpack off the counter. When you told Niall you were done, you didn’t expect for him to attack you with kisses while tickling you.

You let out a breath of relief as you look around the flat you now share with Niall. There wasn’t much to pack since you practically lived here before Niall asked you to move in a few weeks ago. You were hesitant at first, even with it coming up on your two year anniversary, you still had thought you needed your own space and you didn’t know if you were quite ready to share it with him, but Niall finally made you cave, which is how you ended up here now.

“Okay, so w’at’s fer dinna t’en?” you hear a thick Irish accent call out behind you from down the hall.

You laugh, not even slightly amazed at your boyfriend asking that.

You turn around to open the fridge to see a variety of food in there, but nothing looked good.

“I don’t know,” you call out, rummaging through the drawers of the fridge, “What sounds good?”

Without any hesitance: “Everyt’ing.”

You cough out a laugh, shaking your head. Why did you even both asking, you knew he was going to say that.

You lean back up from leaning over the drawers just as your boyfriend walks into the kitchen with a bag of chips in hand.

You quirk your brow up at him, looking from the chips to him and back. He gives you a goofy grin, making you shake your head towards him with an amused smirk on his face as you close the door to the fridge.

You look around the kitchen before suddenly not feeling like making anything anyways before you eye the phone with all the restaurant numbers on it. You smile at the memory of writing those on there for him so he wouldn’t starve when he was home from tour.

“Take out?”

You watch as Niall perks up, his grin growing bigger and making you laugh.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” you chuckle, making your way over to the phone, “Pizza sound okay?”

“Pepperoni?” He asks, his puppy dog eyes going into effect.

You chuckle again, nodding, “Of course.”


You’re lying on the floor with Niall, the couch currently covered in your things that you still had yet to put in the closet you now shared with Niall. With how many shoes and hats he had you were starting to forget who the girl was in this relationship.

Niall’s head rested on your stomach facing the TV that was screening Grease, Niall’s favorite movie, the now empty pizza box lying forgotten beside you.

You both watched the movie, your fingers absentmindedly running through his golden and brunette locks, as your boyfriend lies silently on your stomach.

From the looks of it outside the window, it had to be past eleven. You look down to see Niall’s head turned slightly towards you, his eyes closed and his breath evened out.

You smile, removing your hand from his hair to caress his cheek, “You falling asleep on me Nialler?”

At the sound of your voice, you feel him jerk slightly in surprise, before slowly opening his eyes to look into yours before closing them again and lifting the corners of his mouth into a smile, making you smile back.

“Mhmm. Yer comfy,” he whispers loud enough for you to hear over the music from the TV.

You mockingly gasp, “You saying I’m fat?” you chuckle, prodding your half asleep boyfriend in the ribs, making his scoot away before returning his place.

“’Course not,” he mumbles sleepily before lifting himself up and rolling over onto his elbows and looking down at you still laying on the ground, head on your pillow.

He smiles down at you, making you smile, before leaning down and giving you a loving kiss on your lips.

“Are you trying to lure me into bed?” you ask, holding back a laugh.

“Yea, is it workin’?” he smirks.

“Yeah, I am pretty tired,” you say, still holding back your laugh as his pout appears, before lifting your self off the ground and turning off the TV. You look over in the darkness of the living room to see Niall still lying on the floor.

“Are you coming to bed?”

“Carry me?”

“Are you craz-eh?” you ask, mocking his accent, “You weigh a million pounds!”

There is a minute of silence before his voice finally breaks the silence.

“Now w’o’s callin’ w’o fat?”


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You sit in class, tapping your pencil against the desk, as you watch the clock sitting above your teacher. You were so freaking hungry. You could never focus in this class because you would never eat a big enough breakfast and then be hungry by the time you walked through the door. The only good thing about this class was that the teacher always let your class out early if they finished their work. Granted the work wasn’t always correct, but she didn’t realize that until after she graded it. 

When your teacher finally releases you and your friend from class, you pack up your things and make your way to the lunch room to meet up with your boyfriend and other friends.

After paying for your lunch you look around for your boyfriend, Zayn, but don’t see him anywhere. You frown before making your way to the outside tables where you sit with your group of friends when you’re not with Zayn.

He was probably getting ready for X Factor. He was going to head there in a couple weeks and he hasn’t been anything but nervous about it; of course he wouldn’t tell you that, but that’s the good thing about being his girl friend for almost six months… you knew him.

You sit your tray down by your friends, noticing the looks on their faces. They were wondering where Zayn was too, since you always sat with him at lunch. It was the only time you two could be together at school since he was a senior and you only a sophomore.

Chatting with your friends, the topic slowly started turning towards the upcoming Prom in the next month. Your older friends, you had met in your electives, asking what color dress they should get if they even get asked to Prom.

You weren’t too concerned about Prom, what with you being a sophomore and it being a Seniors only event unless you were asked by a senior, but you gave your two cents about color schemes of dresses and who you should think should ask them.

Deep down you wanted Zayn to ask you, but from what you heard he doesn’t sound too thrilled to go. Zayn may love dressing up, but he was not much of a dancer. He had said that he always felt silly. You on the other hand dream in secret of the day you finally get to go to your senior prom. Zayn on your arm, a beautiful dress with a matching corsage on your wrist, you wanted that.


You snap back towards your group of friends, breaking your train of thought, seeing them looking at you with a mix of concern and confusion washing over their faces.

“Yeah?” you ask, growing impatient with their silence.

“I asked,” one of your older friends finally said, “Where is Zayn?”

You look down at your phone by your tray to see no missed texts or anything, before looking back up at her, “Your guess is as good as mine,” you answer a little sadly.


“He’s probably off with his friend’s picking his song for the X Factor auditions next month,” you say forcing a smile.

“Oh! That’s right!” another one of your friends exclaimed, “He must be nervous, if not excited, for that!”


As lunch started to roll around to its end, you start cleaning up your mess until a familiar voice caught your attention.


Before you could turn around, your friend confirmed his presence, “Well, if it isn’t the Bradford Bad Boy,” she announced, gaining a smile from you and seeing a smirk from him when you finally turned around.

“There you are, babe,” you say letting him kiss your cheek and making your smile grow even bigger, “Where have you been?”

“I had to pick something up from the store,” he said shrugging, a smile on his face, “It took a bit longer then I expected.”

It was then that you noticed that he was hiding something behind his back. You look around his side, stretching your neck to see behind him, but you can’t see what he’s hiding.

“What’cha got there, babe?” You ask with an arch in your brow.

Zayn smiles for a couple seconds before he pulls out a plastic container with a beautiful bunch of pink and white orchids on a wristband. It was a corsage.

You gasp at its beauty, your friends also gasping in a chorus behind you.

He motions it towards you, basically telling you it’s yours, when you look up at him with a complete look of shock on your face, but he just smiles and pushes it towards you until you take it.

Holding the container in your hand you sit in awe at it. He went all the way to the store for this? He got this for you?

“Zayn,” you say still star struck, “This is beautiful,” you add before looking up at him, “But what’s it for?”

“Well, I wanted to know if it would match your dress?” he asked, smirk in place.

Your dress…? Huh?

“What dress?” You ask still completely confused. Did he ask you on a date to some fancy place and you forgot or… what?

He just laughs. You turn around to your friends to see a mix of different expressions plastered on each one. Some had the same look of shock and confusion, but your older friends had huge smiles on their faces. To be honest, that should’ve been your first clue. Too bad it went completely over your head.

You turn back to your boyfriend to see him still chuckling and smiling at you, “Your prom dress, love,” he speaks out, “For when I take you to prom with me.”

Everything just froze in that second.

Your prom dress.

For when he takes you to prom.

Give it a second.

It’ll kick in here any second.

“Prom?!” You yell out, a giant smile exploding on your face when he nods. You jump into his arms, hugging him tightly, never letting go of the flower in your hand.

You hadn’t ever told him about wanting to go to prom. Hell, you thought you would have to wait till your senior year to drag Zayn with you.

“Nah, you wouldn’t have to drag me.”

You look up to see Zayn smirking. Did you say that out loud?

A blush rises to your cheeks, Zayn’s hands resting on your hips as you look down at the flower now hovering between you.

“So, Kira…”

You look up towards him to see him smiling.

“Will you go to Prom with me?”

You heart skips a beat before you let the YES! burst out of your mouth making not only Zayn but your friends burst out laughing too.


When prom finally rolls around, Zayn had been chosen to go to boot camp for the X Factor. When he received his yes’ from the judges, you were happy for him. Everyone you knew was. But it wasn’t till a few days later that you found out that boot camp was during Prom.

So at first you thought you’d purchased a dress to match the already dead corsage (he said he would’ve got you a new one) for nothing.

But since Zayn had already bought your guys’ tickets he had insisted you still went, just with one of your older friends who were going as a group.

You were in the white dress with accents of pink all over and black heels, walking down the stairs, to meet with your older friend who had just arrived, only to be shocked to see Zayn standing there in a black tux waiting for you in your friend’s place.

You get to the bottom of the stairs, him walking up and kissing your straight on the lips, making you realize that this wasn’t just a dream.

“What are you doing here?”

Zayn just smirked seeing your shocked and confused expression, “Boot camp is over love.”

“Oh.” You said, not really sure how to feel about it. If he’s home that must mean he either didn’t get in or something else.

You later find out that it was certainly something else, and learned that he was now in a boy band called One Direction. He would later on tell you that that night was his favorite night of all time. It was the day he was put together with his four best friends and the night he got to spend purely with you.

It wasn’t till later, the night before you and Zayn’s wedding, that it was also the night that Zayn decided he wanted to make you Mrs. Malik too.


I hope you enjoyed your drabble, love! Sorry it took so long.. :( 

I hope you don’t say you like it just so you won’t hurt my feelings. I want honest opinions!

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It had been a long day at work. Being a high school teacher, you had to stay after and let your students, who hadn’t passed the last time, redo a test. They were a good bunch of kids and it was almost finals week, so you wanted to cut them some slack; you just didn’t think it would take them two hours to actually finish the test.

Good thing you had papers to grade.

You pull into the driveway around five thirty, grabbing your box of papers that still needed grading over the weekend while thinking of what to make for dinner; if it wasn’t enough that your husband had a bottomless pit for a stomach, your daughter was starting to get the same appetite. And she was only five.

Your arms are full with the box of papers from school and your bag, so you knock on the door. You listen for the usual ‘coming!’ but it never comes. This time you ring the doorbell only to receive the same silence. You shift the box over onto your hip, reaching into your purse to obtain your keys, before struggling to open the door.

Frustrated, you finally get the door open and walk into the kitchen to place the box and your bag on the kitchen table. Looking around the house you can see that Niall hadn’t cleaned the kitchen like he promised you; although, to be perfectly honest you knew he wouldn’t so you weren’t that upset.

You open the fridge to grab something to make for dinner, when you hear a set of squeals come from the backyard. You look out the window above the sink to see your five year old, Neave (nee-iv), running across the freshly cut lawn on her bare feet and in a cute little pink dress to match her short brown locks. You smile when you notice Niall running (well, playfully walking fast) in front of her.

You lean over the sink to continue watching them smiling when Neave finally caught up to her daddy and he lifted her up in the air telling her she ‘caught him’, making her giggle.

You set some meat under the faucet to thaw in the sink before walking out onto the porch to lean onto the railing, smiling. Niall had put her down and started to chase her this time. Taking out your phone, you start recording them knowing that not only your family but the directioners would eat this up.

As you continue recording, Niall caught his daughter and started swinging her around while kissing (slobbering on) her cheek playfully, making Neave laugh.

Watching them, it made you remember the day your daughter was born. You let Niall name her, and of course he was feeling traditional that day and decided to name her a traditional Irish name. Neave just happened to be the daughter of the sea god Manannan, she was known as “Niamh (Neave) of the Golden Hair,” a beautiful princess riding on a white horse; and since you were considered Niall’s Princess, he wanted to name his daughter after a princess.

At first you were so amazed that he had known that fact in that little time, since you told him he could name her instead. It wasn’t till later that you found out from Liam that Niall had looked up traditional Irish names for weeks in advance in the off chance that you would ask for his opinion. That just made you smile; plus it was a pretty name.

Caught ya!” You yell out, making Niall stop mid swing to look at you like a deer in the headlights, making you laugh before you push end on your phone and then uploading it.

Busra! Yer ‘ome!” He smiled before noticing your phone in your hand, making you smile and him glare at you playfully – knowing what you had done - before putting Neave down, following her as she ran to you, calling out ‘mommy!’ towards you.

Your smile grows when your daughter reaches you, picking her up and kissing her cheek as you place her on your hip. You smirk as Niall makes his way up the small stairs to give you a quick kiss on your nose.

“Ya posted t’at on twittah, didn’t you…’ he glared playfully at you.

“What? It was cute!” You shoot back, laughing as he leaned against the railing.

“Now watch, everyone is going ta t’ink I’m t’e lovable, carefree one! Me rep is ruined!” He laughed, hearing his phone already buzzing.

You laugh out loud before turning to go inside, placing Neave on the kitchen floor watching as she pranced off to play with her toys in front of the TV.

“Right, like people don’t already know you as the cute, loveable, carefree one already,” you joke knowing he was following you, making him laugh behind you, “And I probably wouldn’t have posted it if someone had cleaned the kitchen like that someone promised.”

You walk over to the sink to continue thawing out the meat for dinner, but after a minute you feel a pair of arms wrap around you and a familiar face resting into your neck, leaving small kisses, making you smile.

This was his go-to thing when Niall wanted to make you know he was sorry, but like you thought before you weren’t really mad just a bit disappointed. You told him constantly as he helped you cook (more like ate off the dishes instead of really helping – the usual) that you were just joking and that you knew he was busy with interviews since the new One Direction album was going to be released soon.

But that didn’t stop him from waking up in the middle of the night and cleaning the kitchen and living room before he left for his interview, though. You were star struck. It looked so good!

As you made breakfast for you and Neave, you turned on the TV in the kitchen to watch the 1D interview. Neave begged you to let her watch ‘daddy’ and her uncles on TV, which made you laugh since it was Saturday and not a week day.

You were still amazed by how clean the kitchen was when your husband’s voice came on the TV.

“So, what did you guys do this morning?” the interviewer asked.

“I cleaned me kitc’en an living room fer me wife,” Niall answered, proud smile on his face.

There were a series of awes coming from the audience, making you grab your heart.

“Well, that was nice of you,” the host shot out in between the chorus of awes, gaining a ‘yeah buddy’ from Niall, making you laugh.

The interviewers then turned the attention onto the other four boys who were tightlipped around him, making you and the interviewers arch your brows in confusion. They were hiding something.

It was Harry who finally cracked, laughing and making the others laugh too. Louis then spilled the beans saying that Niall had hired a cleaning crew to do it, and they had only known that because they walked into the house to find him eating a bagel as he watched the crew clean.

You should’ve guessed.

You sigh. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.


I hope you enjoy your drabble!Because I had a lot of fun with this one. :) And I hope you don’t tell me you love it if you really don’t.

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[drabble update]

Hi everyone! So I just wanted to make an update about the drabbles, since I’m sure everyone who has requested one is probably getting impatient with me at the moment. So, I find that doing them in order is frustrating so I am now doing them at random. I just get inspired to write one person’s as I’m writing another so I have like some of the half way written and others just sitting on my computer with like one sentence on them. haha.

I’m weird, I realize this now.

So, in case you have forgotten whether you have requested one or not, know that I am still writing all of them regardless if you remember. haha. I will message you when your drabble in complete! Here are the people who have requested: (bold are the ones I am currently working on.)

Busra (sessizkasetcalar)
Kira (kiranicolle)
Taliyah (twinkletwinkleliampayne)
Jacqueline (mypeterpan5)
Evelyn (evelynnkills)
Alorah (horan-yforhoran)
Autumn (niall-clouded-my-judgement)
Baelee (simplybaelee)
Samantha (capecodekwassakwassa)
Ruby (ruby-red-slipperz)
Ellen (rupunzel-gone-wrong)
Tor (torisk)
Geyan (colortheworldwithme)
Alex (handsaresilenced)
Emily (friend of mustlovelouistomlinson)
Tatiana (im—already—torn)

I hope you will all forgive me for such the long waits! Back to drabbling now! :)


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So, I’m just letting you all know that finals is next week and I start my job next week.. SO. Niall&Paige and the drabbles are going to be coming in a LOT slower. :( Sorry guys. I promise I am still working on them! I have two almost done.

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To my followers who are waiting for their drabbles, please read!!

I’m so sorry that it is taking me forever to write your drabbles. I just have so many and I’m running out of ideas! haha. ;) I just wanted to post something letting you all know your place in line and everything. If you remembering posting one, but you don’t see yourself on this list please message me and I’ll add you right away! So here you go.

Line up!:

  1. Busra (sessizkasetcalar)
  2. Kira (kiranicolle)
  3. Taliyah (twinkletwinkleliampayne)
  4. Jacqueline (mypeterpan5)
  5. Evelyn (evelynnkills)
  6. Alorah (horan-yforhoran)
  7. Autumn (niall-clouded-my-judgement)
  8. Baelee (simplybaelee)
  9. Samantha (capecodekwassakwassa)
  10. Ruby (ruby-red-slipperz)
  11. Ellen (rupunzel-gone-wrong)
  12. Tor (torisk)
  13. Geyan (colortheworldwithme)
  14. Alex (handsaresilenced)
  15. Emily (friend of mustlovelouistomlinson)
  16. Tatiana (im—already—torn)

So, as you can see I have alot of drabbles to work on. Please be patient! Also, remember, I will message you when your drabble is ready. :) If you don’t see your name on here, and remember giving me a request please wait till I reopen my submit box and I will do yours! :)

Back to work then!

I will update this list once a day, so you can see when yours is coming up. :)

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Niall had been gone with the boys for almost three months straight, it was the first tour since you and Niall had gotten together. At first you didn’t think it would be that bad, since you’ve basically followed the boy’s careers from afar since the beginning, but it only took a week to have it finally hit you that your boyfriend was going to be away for a long time.

You didn’t mind sharing the boys with the other directioners, I mean come on you were one once. Okay, you are one. But the point is, that you loved the fact that Niall was off doing what he loved. You knew how much his fans meant to him. How much you meant to him.

The two of you constantly text each other throughout the day, with you in school and him on tour it seems like the only way to keep in touch with each other. At least once a week you would actually get to hear his voice when he had enough quiet to call you and the boys were away doing whatever, or if the time zones weren’t so different.

Every week you and Niall have a Skype date, where Niall makes sure the boys don’t come in and interrupt your date – they do it anyways, but you don’t care you love watching them interact with each other and after a while Liam or Zayn pull Louis and Harry out with them – but it still isn’t the same as actually having him in front of you.

You haven’t heard from Niall all day, which was weird since he told you he had this weekend off during your last ‘date’. It was Friday night; he was probably sleeping (due to time difference). You chuckle at that thought. It was midnight where he was after all, and from the way your tumblr and twitter were blowing up they were long done with their concert that night.

That’s how you kept sane, with tumblr and twitter. The directioners always sent you pictures of Niall on stage having fun with his boys, and that always made you smile. Since you were a directioner from the heart the true fans had always supported you from the beginning. You were Niall’s Princess.

But sometimes, the updates made you sad. It just reminded you that he was half way across the world and away from you. Sometimes you even felt selfish and wanted to lock Niall away from everyone, but that wasn’t you. You weren’t mean like that.

You fall asleep thinking of your prince and wondering why he hadn’t text you goodnight like he always did, regardless of time zone, before he went to sleep. You just figured he must’ve been out with the boys at the bar somewhere and passed out. He did that sometimes, you’d get the ‘I’m so sorry Meg!!’ text in the morning before he would explain why he ‘forgot’ which most of the time just made you laugh. The things these boys do sometimes, wow.

When you wake up, you check your phone to see a group of messages from your friends, also directioners, wondering if you knew about One Direction’s weekend off and if you’ve heard from Niall. Sadly, you don’t see a text from Niall waiting for you, which makes you forget about texting your friends back.

You go throughout the morning trying not to think about Niall not texting you while battling with yourself on whether or not to text him, but you don’t text him because what if he is busy doing something with the boys? You don’t want to seem clingy.

Your best friend calls you sometime after lunch and within minutes can tell you need to get your mind off of something, but she doesn’t ask. You both decide that a trip to the ice cream shop is the best idea you’ve ever heard. Ice cream cures all.

As you both sit at a table right in front of the window, you talk about everything but One Direction. This was why she was your best friend. She didn’t want to know every little thing about Niall and the boys, even though you could probably tell her. She wanted to know every little thing about you, and maybe the occasional juicy stuff with Niall, which is totally understandable.

With your fudge brownie ice cream in hand, you and her talk for hours. You would occasionally check your phone hoping Niall would have text you within the few minutes you checked last, but no luck. After a while, you would see your friend smiling sadly at you as you look down at your phone. You knew she wanted to ask but she could also tell you didn’t want to think about it.

As the daylight started to disappear, you and your friend must have done everything possible in the city. The good news was that you didn’t think about Niall the whole time, just a little. After you both get some dinner, your friend sounds intent on going to see one of the new releases in theatres and at first you say it sounds like a great idea. That was until she chose The Lucky One and you had to sit through almost two hours thinking of solely Niall.

After spending almost the entire day with your best friend you spilt ways and head back to your dorm. Once you were alone on your path, you check your phone. It was official; Niall hadn’t text you all day.

You don’t know why but you start to feel the tears build in your eyes.

Niall and you have never gone a day without texting each other at least twice, and that was always a good morning and good night text at least.

Thoughts of different scenarios started filling your brain; from thoughts of him finding someone else to thoughts of him being dead and the boys not knowing how to tell you.

When you reach your dorm door, you had unleashed the tears. You’re now running make up probably scared the life out of half the people who had passed you. You fumbled with the key to your dorm, thanking the Lord that your roommate was gone for the weekend, finally getting the darn key into the hole and turning it.

You walk in, letting out the sob you were holding in the entire time, before turning and closing the door behind you and resting your head against it.

“Babe! W’at’s wrong?!” a voice shout out behind you.

Without hearing exactly what had been said, you shoot around to see a black figure coming towards you in your dark room. You let out a scream before taking the nearest object and hitting the figure over and over.

The figure started yelping out as you hit it over and over. Hmm, who knew a teddy bear could be such a good weapon against intruders?

You continue hitting them, calling out things like ‘who are you?!’ and ‘how’d you get in here?!’ what not without giving them a chance to answer.

It wasn’t till you took a breath that you heard that the figure was saying your name aloud repeatedly.

You stop your rampage to see the figure cowering, covering their head with their arms. You click the switch of your lamp, by the door, on to see a familiar head of blonde.

Niall?” you whisper, confused.

The boy in question, lowers his arms, and cautiously stands up straight to look at you. You could feel your mouth drop and you eyes widen staring into his slightly fearful face.

After a minute, he let a smile take over his face, but yours just stayed the same. Niall, he was here… in your dorm.

“’Ey, babe!”

You just stared at him for another minute, finally realizing that he was here and it wasn’t just a dream. Within seconds, your tears come back.

“W’oa, w’oa! Meg, w’at’s wrong?” Niall cried out.

You slam into his chest, his arms circling around you as yours wrap around him. When you didn’t answer he explained that he had flown for 14 hours to come see you today. Sure, it would only be for tonight since he had to catch a flight the next morning in order to meet up with the boys for the next concert, but he didn’t care.

“I wanted to see you,” he whispered, resting his head against the side of yours before lowering it into your neck, “I missed you.”

You start tearing up again. You were so mad at yourself. How could you think that Niall could have been cheating on you? This was Niall for God’s sakes. Just the other night you were in a fight with him about who loved each other more.

When he asks the reason you’re crying, you tell him the truth… well, a stretch of the truth.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore,” you mumble into his neck, “I thought, maybe, you found someone else you wanted to talk to more then me.”

You pull your head out of his neck to look up at him, eyes still watery. You could tell by the look on his face that he knew what you meant. You could tell, by the hurt on his face that he knew you thought he might’ve been cheating on you.

That look crushed you. You felt so horrible. You placed your face back into his neck, crying out apologies between your sobs.

After a few minutes of you just crying, you were beginning to think that maybe he was angry at you. He had every right to be. You just basically told him that you didn’t trust him.

You lifted yourself out of his figure, to see him looking at you with a glazed look. You start to pull away from him, tearing your gaze away from him, feeling more tears come on. You probably just ruined your relationship with him forever.

Within seconds, you feel one hand wrap around your wrist and the other wrap around your waist, pulling you back.

You look up at him, seeing the water build up in his eyes but not fall over, as he brought your hand to his heart, feeling his heart beat under your hand. You raise your gaze through your lashes and into his eyes. They weren’t filled with anger, but with seriousness. You hadn’t seen him look this serious in a long time.

“You are the only person I want to talk to at the end of the day,” his heart beating faster. “You’re the only person who can make me smile and laugh as hard as you make me,” his heart beating faster. “You’re it, Princess,” he said smirking, leaning down towards you and making your gaze switch to his mouth, “You’re the only one who can make me feel like this.”

His lips meet yours as the beat of his heart beat erratically under your hand, making you smile into the kiss. That night was the last time you ever doubted him and the first time you showed him how much you loved him.


I’m so sorry for the long wait. :( I hope you enjoy your drabble!I had fun writing it.

Please don’t tell you me you like if it if you really don’t. It won’t hurt my feelings… too much. haha

[Next up!: Busra]

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Rachel♥One Direction

You sit in your flat waiting for the five texts saying that your closest friends had safely landed back in London. Sitting on your couch, watching your favorite program, was helping to calm the worry a little bit but not much. Their plane should’ve landed forty-five minutes ago.

As the program began to come to a close, you look down at your phone to see you had a group text waiting for you. Excited to see if it was maybe your best friends, you open it only to frown. It was Danielle and Eleanor wondering if you’d heard from the boys at all.

You sadly text your response, telling them no, before tossing your phone on the cushion beside you; it had officially been an hour since the plane was suppose to land and the boys still hadn’t text you. You could understand Liam, Zayn, and Louis not texting you right away since they had Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie, but what about Harry and Niall? Those two are always the first.

You brought your legs up, hugging them to your chest. Maybe they forgot? It had been months since they had been home. They probably just wanted to talk and see their families or girlfriends first. You could understand that.

But why not just let you know they got here okay?

Was it something you did or maybe said? You were just talking to them last night before they were supposed to board the plane.

Oh my god. What if something happened to the plane?

No. No, it would be all over the news or something.

As you begin panicking, you place your head in between your knees, unable to hear your door crack open.

When you force your brain to calm, you get the feeling that you’re being watched. Slowly, you lift your head from your knees to see five, different sized, Nerf guns in your line of sight.

You follow the barrel of the guns and up the arms to the faces of five smirking boys. You’re five best friends.

You sit there in surprise before you here a series of clicks fill your ears and a round of Nerf bullets hit your body.

You yelp out in surprise before hearing a chorus of laughter in front of you. You open your eyes to see the boys laughing at you.

They were in front of you. They weren’t dead in the middle of the ocean; didn’t forget about you.

Within seconds, you smile and start tearing up. All that worrying for nothing.

Liam immediately stops his laugh at the sound of your cries and kneels down in front of you.

“Rachel! Are you okay?!” he asks, voice full of concern.

You let out a choked laugh at his concern, “I’m fine.”

You wipe your eyes, no need to show your friends you were worrying for nothing. When you lift your head back up you see all five of your friends kneeling down in front of you with matching looks of worry on their face.

It takes almost a half an hour to explain to the now overly concerned boys that you were just freaking yourself out since they usually would’ve texted you when they landed.

By the end of your explanation you had all four boys feeling horrible. Of course, you let them know that it wasn’t their fault. Louis explained to you that they stopped by the toy store to get some Nerf guns so they could surprise you and you guys could all hang out.

Afterwards, you laugh as Harry held out one of the guns that they had gotten for you, giving you those puppy eyes that could make anyone smile for hours. You take the gun before looking at it in your hand.

You look up to see all the boys smiling, hiding their worry for you behind it. You slip your finger over the trigger, the boys missing it, before quickly pulling a smirk and hitting every one of them in the forehead.

The boys stay in shock as you laugh. Louis was the first to recover from shock to hit you with another shot before the others quickly fire back too.


That night your house was terribly trashed from your epic battle, it was also the night you made the boys promise to text that they were alive, even if they were planning a surprise for you.


I’m so sorry for the wait! I hope you enjoy your drabble. 

I hope you guys aren’t just saying that you like my drabbles so you don’t hurt my feelings. 

[Next up!: Meg

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To my followers who are waiting for their drabbles, please read!!

I’m so sorry that it is taking me forever to write your drabbles. I just have so many and I’m running out of ideas! haha. ;) I just wanted to post something letting you all know your place in line and everything. If you remembering posting one, but you don’t see yourself on this list please message me and I’ll add you right away! So here you go.


  1. Meg (thrustliketommo)
  2. Busra (sessizkasetcalar)
  3. Kira (kiranicolle)
  4. Taliyah (twinkletwinkleliampayne)
  5. Jacqueline (mypeterpan5)
  6. Evelyn (evelynnkills)
  7. Alorah (horan-yforhoran)
  8. Autumn (niall-clouded-my-judgement)
  9. Baelee (simplybaelee)
  10. Samantha (capecodekwassakwassa)
  11. Ruby (ruby-red-slipperz)
  12. Ellen (rupunzel-gone-wrong)
  13. Tor (torisk)
  14. Geyan (colortheworldwithme)
  15. Alex (handsaresilenced)
  16. Emily (friend of mustlovelouistomlinson

So, as you can see I have alot of drabbles to work on. Please be patient! Also, remember, I will message you when your drabble is ready. :) If you don’t see your name on here, and remember giving me a request please wait till I reopen my submit box and I will do yours! :)

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