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Is harry and louis in ten years, right?



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all my larry feelings → possessive from the start

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Stylinson couple enjoy his free day in South London. ( PART 4/~)

One Direction are extremely excited to announce their 2014 stadium tour! 


u know when u really like someone and literally every little thing they do is cute and no matter what face they make they always look perfect to you

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Bought New Converses👌 em We Heart It.


Bought New Converses👌 em We Heart It.




#I love this cause #everyone thinks that Harry is a huge partyboy and player #but like no #he goes to award shows #and eats motherfucking fruit #THAT HE FINDS IN RANDOM ELEVATORS #and while all his friends are up and dancing and whatever #hes just like #loopdi doopdi doo i like fruit


30 Day OTP Challenge: Happy (5/30)


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if this picture doesn’t make you want to set yourself on fire and slowly drag your burning body to the nearest cliff i have so much respect for you.

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Rumor has it that the heart of British fashion model Harry Styles has been taken by non other than uprising football star and hottie Louis Tomlinson from Doncaster Rovers team. 20 years old model has been papped with girls and boys, rumored to be his flings, countless times yet we’ve never got more proof or approval from Styles himself, but looks that this time we’re in for a ride! Spotted at Doncaster Rowers game just last week and eating lunch with Tomlinson twice, Styles denied any dating rumors saying that they are “just great friends”, but it looks like things might have changed!

While Tomlinson is in Doncaster getting ready for important match against Charlton Athletic, Styles has been spotted various times in LA (where Los Angeles Fashion Week is about to start) wearing t-shirts and hoodies with “Tomlinson 17” and a red Rovers jersey with initials “LT” that we’ve seen on Tommo himself before (see photos above). Whether this is just friendly support that Styles is showing or something more, we don’t know yet, but what we can tell is that these two could give Posh and Becks run for their money.